Dr. Naim Khoury

My name is Naim Khoury. The youngest of 10 children, I was born and raised in Jerusalem's Old City. My grandfather was a Greek Orthodox priest as were eleven of my uncles. I grew up in a traditional Greek Orthodox home, raised according to the original Christian orthodox tradition.

In 1968 I attended a meeting at a Bible-believing church. This was the first time I heard about God's plan of salvation according to the Bible. I had never before heard the Gospel with such clarity. During the service God's Holy Spirit convicted my heart. When an invitation was given to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, I walked down the isle and asked Him to come into my heart.

I rejoice for what Christ did for me that day, the day I surrendered to Him and in return God's Holy Spirit gave me peace and joy. The focus of my praise is solely what Jesus did in my place on Calvary's cross.

It was not easy when I returned home a different person than when I left earlier that day. My family noticed changes in my life that could only come from God. I began to pray that God would give me His power and His strength to share the Gospel with my family. I could not hold in the joy for very long. I began to take steps of faith, sharing what had happened with my family. Their first reaction was rejection. They rejected my words but could not ignore the peace they saw in me. It was not long until God touched their lives with the Gospel of His Son.

To God be the glory for the great things He has done. He is alive today and forevermore. Along with you, I am standing in His promises to never leave us or forsaken us. These promises are reliable and true. He is watching over us until the day that He unites us with His Son. ~Galatians 2:20

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