Who we worship

Respectfully, let me open my heart and introduce you to the God I serve. He is the personal God of the Bible, inviting us to know and be known by Him. He is as real as the closest people in our lives and is filled with love. His presence in my life has given me a reason to live my life for Him and live it to its fullest. When I am hurt, He comforts me. When I am weak, He strengthens me. When I am in need, His provision is complete. This is the God that I serve.

This is the God to whom I am compelled to give nothing less than everything. This is the God inviting you to fellowship with you to him exactly as you are, a relationship made possible with our Holy God because of His Son's death on my behalf, on yours. Accept His Son, let Him in, and God Himself is yours as well as mine. Come, accept Jesus as your Savior. Walk with me on this path of Life so that together we can walk with God.