Food for the Needy


Unemployment in Bethlehem is more than 35 percent. And for those who have jobs, working hard, prevailing wages in the Holy Land are about half as much as in the West. The cost of living, on the other hand, is almost twice as much as in the USA.

For many, money is tight. Our modest provision of food items, distributed every two or three months to about 120 homes, makes it possible for families to eat. It alleviates the difficult choice of buying food or paying bills. Boxed items include staples like canned goods, flour, pasta, sugar and other non-perishable foods.

This branch of our ministry follows in Jesus' steps. He ministered to both souls and bodies, to people's spiritual and physical needs. With your help, in partnership with donors all around the world, we aim to do the same—to more people and more frequently. Join us in this tangible expression of Christ's love. Click Here...