Intercession Warfare


We know that prayer is a necessary and powerful weapon that God has given to us. Sadly, most believers never learn to use it. Here we still have much to learn, but we are practicing every day. Perhaps we are more compelled than others. Spiritual warfare in our land, in our community and even in our homes is all too real. It is so aggressive, so intense, it is almost impossible to ignore.

In this context, in this environment, we bear witness to the power, the effectiveness, of intercession warfare prayer. Over the decades we have seen countless women, men and children set free from bondage as a direct result of earnest, specific and constant prayer. We also know from hard experience that earnest prayers give strength and protection for our families, our homes, our inner selves.

Join us in this crucial ministry. No matter where you are, you are welcome to fight by our side on our knees before the throne of God. Kneel with us, won't you? Click here...