Family Retreats

Once or twice a year we invite all of our ministry's families to get out of town, away from home for a time of retreat. Our desire is to encounter God and each other away from the stress of everyday life, including the toxic atmosphere of the culture in which we live and work and sleep and breathe.

Family camps proved unique opportunities to deepen the spiritual connection between family members, members of our community, and individually, with God. Our country's lifelong immersion in violence and loss of human life is an environment that, like a black hole, pulls many into a paralyzing darkness of loneliness, hopelessness and despair.

Often just by getting out of town, and doing so as a body, we find fresh spiritual air that rejuvenates the soul as in a different place, even for a day or two, we move out of the darkness into Christ's light, drawing close to Him and finding there renewal for our spirits, for our souls and minds and hearts. Jesus Himself did this kind of thing on a regular basis (see Luke 4:1-4).

Make it possible for us to underwrite these times of renewal, and to do them more than once or twice a year; Click here...