In Jerusalem - Old City Church

Twice a week we lead a congregation that meets in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City. Founded in the 1990s, our ministry was approached in the year 2000 to lead this small but hardy group of believers. They were determined to meet and worship Jesus inside the enflamed apple of God's eye. After prayer, after seeing that this church is a holy salve to God's irritated eye, we agreed to minister here.

Our location is modest, just two rooms. But it is also strategic: this is the very city in which Jesus will be enthroned as God's Messiah King. Its not easy being a non traditional Christian and being a small group but still, they come. Still, they come. Still, we worship. Still, we proclaim Jesus as God's Son, the world's only Savior.

Encourage these, your fellow members of Christ's body. Let them know that they are not alone. Click here

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