Welcome to Bethlehem, city of Jesus' birth. From this this place today God is reaching the entire Arab-speaking world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The world in which we live is quickly growing dark and odd. It is a strange and disconcerting place. Cities, cultures, even countries, seem less and less like home. Social, political and religious powers are forming perfect storms.

In every place around the globe, this world as it is is clearly not our home. It is not the realm and rule to which we belong. All of us who follow Christ as King are foreigners. Increasingly, we see and know that this is so.

But God is victorious. In the end, He wins, bringing all of us safely to His kingdom home. Now however, and until that certain day, we labor in growing darkness, reaching out with God's good news of light and life and hope and peace, all of these in and from His Son who came and died and rose again: in Jesus, the only sovereign to whom we pledge allegiance, both now and forever. Although unseen, He rules. And soon, very soon, He returns.

Until that certain day, the course to which He calls us is good but not easy. Will you walk with us as we walk with you as well?

May God richly bless you in His magnificent Son,

Pastor Naim Khoury


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