Print Ministry appeal

The need for our print shop came in 2008 when we took Christian booklets to print at a local print shop. We left the box of books and were told to come back on Friday.

That is the day I went to pick up the books. The man took me to one side and said, "I am very sorry but after you left the box on the counter a Muslim Imam walked in and began to chant, 'Alah-uakbar! What is this blasphemy?'' He was referring to the first three books on top which read in Arabic, Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Savior and Redeemer.

The Imam told the printer that reproducing these books would be a disgrace and a slap in Allah's face. The local mosque, he said, would have a meeting about it that very night if our materials were printed. There would be consequences, he told the owner.

When I arrived the owner told me that could not take the risk having his store taken away or burned.

Many Christians and new converts have a problem getting Christian materials. There are safety and financial reasons as well as hostile family members and neighborhoods.

Today we are blessed with our own small print shop that is able to produce Christian booklets and tracks, media materials, DVDs and CDs for distribution throughout Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

But our machines are outdated and because of heavy use, have many mechanical problems. As a result we are not close to meeting the demand for Christians materials. We are ask you to prayerfully consider taking part addressing in this urgent need. It requires approximately 95 thousand U.S. dollars.

This will allow us to purchase an interim level Digital printing machines with finisher and several other machines with it. With supplies for the first year, we are looking at a Xerox or Konica Minolta. Running costs already covered by other partners.

Change the world: make it possible to Print the Word of God in Bethlehem, Gaza, East Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank.