Dr. Naim Khoury

My name is Naim Khoury. The youngest of 10 children, I was born and raised in Jerusalem's Old City. My grandfather was a Greek Orthodox priest as were eleven of my uncles. I grew up in a traditional Greek Orthodox home, raised according to the original Christian orthodox tradition.

In 1968 I attended a meeting at a Bible-believing church. This was the first time I heard about God's plan of salvation according to the Bible. I had never before heard the Gospel with such clarity. During the service God's Holy Spirit convicted my heart. When an invitation was given to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, I walked down the isle and asked Him to come into my heart.

I rejoice for what Christ did for me that day, the day I surrendered to Him and in return God's Holy Spirit gave me peace and joy. The focus of my praise is solely what Jesus did in my place on Calvary's cross.


P. Khoury

P. KhouryI am an Arab Israeli living in Bethlehem where my father, Dr. Naim Khoury, established our ministry in 1980. Today we are spreading the gospel throughout the Palestinian Territories and in Jerusalem where I pastor Calvary Baptist Church.

I was born in Jerusalem and grew up a few miles south in the small town of Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ birth. Growing up in the mission field of my own culture teaches what it means to live by the power of God's Spirit. It also opens my eyes to the struggles of fellow believers, and to the spiritual deprivation of neighbors drowning in toxic wastes of self-pity, fear and hate.

When I was a younger man, the focus of my dream was ministry in Bethlehem. That changed when my Uncle George accepted Christ. He lived on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. After his conversion, he longed to see a congregation of fellow believers in the city he called home.


Ziyad Bannoura

My name is Ziyad Bannoura. I was born and raised next to Bethlehem in a village called Beit Sahour, also known as Shepherd's Field. Like Dr. Naim Khoury, my family was Greek Orthodox. When I was 19 years old I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and so was born again.

For several years I worked as a land surveyor and tailor. In 1996 Dr. Khoury invited me to become the ministry's part-time leader of youth outreach. Two years later I began full-time ministry with Holy Land Missions.

Today I not only work with young people, I also lead worship, lead Bible studies in Jericho, teach theological courses, supervise our Scouting program and chair the social extension of the ministry called the Bethlehem Start Charitable Society.


Elvira Khoury

My name is Elvira. My husband is Pastor Naim Khoury. Together we serve Jesus Christ throughout the Holy Land.

I surrendered to Jesus as my personal Savior when I was sixteen years old. I attended primary and secondary schools in Jerusalem. After marrying my husband in 1976, we went to the United States where I pursued undergraduate and graduate degrees. The focus of my coursework was counseling and Bible in which I earned both a Bachelor's and Masters degree.

When we returned to the Holy Land, my husband and I began a church in Bethlehem, the city of Christ's birth. We started from scratch, living in a two-room apartment. As God has blessed our ministry, He has also blessed our family. Naim and I are proud parents of four adult children and grandparents too!


Daniel Collins

My name is Danny Collins. I grew up in a Christian home but I did not give my life to Christ until I was 21. I have a passion for world missions, sharing with people from every tribe and language about the saving grace of Jesus.

I joined this ministry in 2004. During these years, God has taken me on a pilgrimage with Him that has changed my life forever.

As the U.S. representative, my goal is to build three bridges: one between Western Christians to this ministry, another between America and Holy Land, and the third between all believers living in the Holy Land.

One way I pursue this calling is by speaking in churches throughout the U.S. I also organize groups to take a life-changing missions trip in the land where Jesus walked. Call me!

If you are interested to learn more about this missions trip contact me at: 417-343-6092