Gideon's 300

Gaza. Ramallah. Jenin. Hebron. These are places in the Holy Land where spiritual forces of wickedness are entrenched and powerful. They are also locations where God is calling our ministry to proclaim the Gospel and reinforce Christ's body in 2013.

It is a call to battle in places where the enemy of men's souls has massive troops encamped. We accept this call of God, grateful for his 21st century summons of Gideon's small army to join us in this humanly impossible task. Is God calling you to join these very special forces?

The answer to that question begins with this: will you give $100/month to this cause?

More than this is required; much more. But with this commitment your application to the ranks of Gideon's 21st century 300 begins.

In Judges chapter 7 God whittled down Gideon's army from 32,000 to a mere 300, then instructed those few to attack the enemy's base camp of at least 135,000 by... blowing horns, breaking pots, waving torches in the air and yelling. This was not conventional warfare.

Neither is ours.

There are millions round the world who declare allegiance to God's work in the Holy Land. Millions are not called to this endeavor. There are tens of thousands every year who in celebration of their faith visit the Holy Land. Tens of thousands also are not called. Only 300 soldiers of the cross are chosen by God to join us in this mission. Are you one of these? Here is how you can know:

1. Against all human reason, does your spirit come alive in response to this summons? If not, God bless you.

2. Are you ready and willing to pay the price? Including finances, reputation, and physical safety? If not, God bless you.

3. Are you committed to identify, recruit and train the very, very few who are also qualified to join? If not, God bless you.

4. Are you willing to physically come and see these Holy Land battlefields for yourself, bringing prospects, meeting fellow soldiers? If not, God bless you.

Is God calling you? To submit your application, click here.